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The Kreuzberg series is Hien Le´s homage to his home ever since.

It wouLdn’t be the same without the peopLe who are making this district so aLive.

Kreuzberg Part One was shot by Marius Uhlig

styLed by PauL MaximiLian SchLosser with grooming by Hauke Krause.


Christoph, fuLL-time photographer and Kreuzberger since 14 years.

He co-founded ORA, a former pharmarcy at Oranienplatz, to a dining spot and directing it with his Partner tiLL its cLosing in January 2020.

Haejung aLso known as Crazy Kim from Korea, is Living in BerLin for more then 35 years and is Kreuzberger for more then 20 years now.

She used to manageing Kreuzbergs well known „Rocco und seine Brüder“ for 15 years till its cLosing and is also the owner of the 2nd hands shop right next to Rocco. She opened her own restaurant called „ Crazy Kims“, for authentic korean cuisine in the same


Ferit, owner of the „Biker’Shop“ at Dresdner Strasse for more then 20 years.

He came to BerLin Kreuzberg from Turkey over 30 years ago.

Sabine, Kreuzberger for more then 20 years is owner and founder of „Artdoor“ for

more then 15 years now, one of Kreuzbergs weLL known fLower shops.

Rosa, originaLLy from Serbia is Living in Kreuzberg and working for the „GorgonzoLa CLub“ for more then 18 years now. She is the most friendLy waitress I’ve ever met and weLL known that for.

Johanna and Mika, both Kreuzbergers for about 20 years and owners and founders of „Sander 13“ for 15 years now, one of Kreuzbergs most popuLar hairdressers shop.

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